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Non-Exclusive Agreement

Set forth below are the terms and conditions governing www.jstubbsbeatz.com

In these Terms and Conditions (also referred to as Terms or Agreement) you and your refer to the licensor or member, which may be an individual, or single entity, and we, our, J Stubbs Music Group refers to Jonathan Tootle, which owns and operates J Stubbs Beatz.


Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

J Stubbs Music Group, owned and operated by Jonathan Tootle, is an on-line based music licensing service specializing in the licensing of original, pro-mixed, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, etc. music tracks for demos (non profitable), background music (non profitable), promotional (non profitable), websites (non profitable),and Mixtapes (semi-profitable). You may sell 2,000 copies of the songs you make with these beats without paying us any royalties unless stated otherwise.  Production is provided to you (the artist/manager/customer) subject to the Terms & Conditions set forth herein (Terms) and any operating rule or policy that may be posted here from time to time by J Stubbs Beatz. By licensing, accessing and using and/ or downloading content from this website (www.jstubbsbeatz.com) you are agreeing to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.


License Agreement for use of Music Track(s)

By purchasing from J Stubbs Beatz you obtain an automatic license, privilege, and authority to use any Music Track(s) for demos (non profitable), background music (non profitable), promotional (non profitable), websites (non profitable), Mixtapes or any other type of similar use that you choose (such as Talent Shows, and/or Websites and various other personal use, including but not limited to practice for singing, song-writing, rapping, and/or performing) within the restrictions according to the license. In which said Music Track(s) were acquired either by download from www.jstubbsbeatz.com, e-mail from our staff, and by U.S Mail or according to the restrictions of the Music Track(s) purchased. The territory covered by this license is the universe. The compensation that J Stubbs Beatz will receive from customer in the amount of set the stated number per track (unless otherwise negotiated). Accordingly, Customers shall give credit to owner of music (e.g., Produced by Jonathan “J Stubbs Beatz” Tootle) on any and all printed material(s) that accompany mediums which contain music owned by J Stubbs Beatz or owners or staff of J Stubbs Music Group.  J Stubbs Beatz warrants that it or its owners have the right to grant this license to other customers, that it owns and controls one hundred percent (100%) of the right, title and interest in and to said music and Music Track(s) referred to herein and that the use of said Music Track(s) hereunder will not violate the rights of any third party.